Membership may not be terminated for as long as the member remains an employee of the City of Tshwane.

Termination date

A member’s membership terminates at the member’s death or disability, or 2 months after resignation, retirement or dismissal.


No lump sum benefit is payable at termination of service, but a member has the option to make use of the Continuation Option (See below).

Continuation Option

This option allows members to convert their death, disability or funeral cover as provided by the Scheme (as on date of termination of service) into an individual policy with the insurer when terminating their service with the City of Tshwane.

The insurer will, without the submission of any medical examinations or reports, provide outgoing members with the same amount of death cover as the cover they had while they were employed.


Applications to convert their cover into an individual policy must reach the Scheme within 60 days after termination of service. To apply for the continuation option and to obtain a quick quote before making a final decision, simply complete the “Continuation Option” form and return it to the Scheme. Download the form


Always discuss these types of changes with your financial adviser before taking the final step to change!