The Scheme provides Members with death, funeral and permanent disability benefits. Unfortunately the Scheme only covers the main member who is permanently employed by The City of Tshwane. The compulsory cover provided by the Scheme is not extended to include family members of the main member. Benefits are paid out as a lump sum, tax free.

Option Payslip Code Death Cover Funeral Disability Cover Premium of Pensionable Salary Conversion Option at Termination of Service
Y Y-24 0.8 X Annual Basic Salary R32 000 Paid within 48 hours 0.8 X Annual Basic Salary 0.000% Yes
1ZY 1ZY – 31 1.6 X Annual Basic Salary R32 000 Paid within 48 hours 1.2 X Annual Basic Salary 0.585% Yes
2ZY 2ZY – 32 2.4 X Annual Basic Salary R32 000 Paid within 48 hours 1.6 X Annual Basic Salary 1.170% Yes
3ZY 3ZY - 33 3.2 X Annual Basic Salary R32 000 Paid within 48 hours 2 X Annual Basic Salary 1.755% Yes

New members

All new employees entering the service of the City of Tshwane on a permanent basis will in terms of their conditions of service automatically and by default become members of the Y option as from date of appointment.

A new employee who joins the City of Tshwane permanently and is who is younger than 50 years can unconditionally select any of the four cover options provided in the table above by completing and submitting the New Membership Option form.

A new employee who joins the City of Tshwane and who is older than 50 years will however be required to provide proof of good health should cover under any of the Z options (that allow you to take additional cover) be selected. New Membership Option Form

A new Member, when joining the Scheme also has a once-off option to take-up the Family Funeral Benefit that is a Non-compulsory option available to new members only.


Monthly premiums

Premiums are calculated as a percentage of a member’s basic or pensionable salary and according to the option selected.

Changing your option

Personal circumstances often change. People get married, a new child is born or you may even lose a loved one. When these types of life-changing events happen, one again needs to look at, among others, your retirement plan, your life cover and provisions for benefits at death and disability.

The Scheme understands the impact of these life-changing events. So, members are allowed to make the necessary changes to their cover options as and when these life-changing events do happen.

Upgrading your option

You can upgrade your current cover after any of the following life-changing events:
– Marriage;
– Birth or adoption of a child; or
– Promotion.

Provided that:
– You apply within 60 days from the date of any of the life-changing events mentioned above; and
– You are younger than 50 years old.


As an additional option, members may at any time apply to the Scheme to upgrade their cover based on “proof of good health”.

Downgrading your options

Downgrading your cover is easy. It can be done at any time with no questions asked!


All applications must be submitted to the Scheme on the forms provided. For upgrading or downgrading of options, simply complete the “Membership-Change of Option” form and return it to the Scheme.

Membership Change Of Option Form