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Membership Compulsory for all permanently employed employees of the City of Tshwane who have not yet reached the age of 65 years.
Termination of membership Membership may not be terminated for as long as the member remains an employee of the City of Tshwane. A member’s membership terminates at the members death, disability or 2 months after resignation, retirement or dismissal.
Benefit Option Y-Option Z-Option
Status This option is compulsory to all new employees employed permanently by the City of Tshwane. Every employee automatically and by default becomes a member of this option. This is a voluntary option. It allows members to take up additional cover over and above the cover provided by the Y-option.
Death cover 0.8 x annual basic salary 1ZY Option: 1.6 X annual basic salary
2ZY Option: 2.4 X annual basic salary
3ZY Option: 3.2 X annual basic salary
Funeral benefits This is part of the Y or compulsory option. It covers the life of the main member only. A funeral benefit of R32 000 is payable within 48 hours after submission of a claim with all required documentation.
Benefit will only be paid to nominated person/s.
Permanent disability cover (for an illness or injury that will leave you unlikely to ever work in your own or any other occupation again) 0.8 x annual basic salary 1ZY Option: 1.2 X annual basic salary
2ZY Option: 1.6 X annual basic salary
3ZY Option: 2 X annual basic salary
Taxability of benefits All benefits are paid out tax-free.
Premiums as percentage of basic salary The employer pays the full premium. 1ZY-Option
Member : 0.585%
Member : 1.170%
Member : 1.755%
Options to decrease cover No option Cover can be decreased at any given time
Option to increase cover All members who have not yet reached the age of 50 years may apply with the Scheme within 60 days of the events below to increase their cover:

  • Marriage
  • Birth/adoption of child
  • Promotion

Members may at any time apply to increase their cover on the basis of “proof of good health”. Contact the Scheme’s Administrator for more details. Conditions apply.

Death and disability claim notification period 12 Months

Family funeral benefit


Available to new members of the Scheme only
Family funeral benefit

The following cover is provided to direct family members only (spouse and children):

  • R40 000 to main member, spouse and children between ages 14 to 21 years.
  • R20 000 for children ages 6 to 13 years.
  • R10 000 for stillborn to child aged 5 years.
Family claim notification period 6 Months from date of death.


(Reviewed annually on the 1st July)

R67.64 (administration fees included)
Paid-up options Yes, at death and permanent disability till member reaches the age of 65 years.
Continuation option at termination of service Yes, continuation available on all benefits provided by the Scheme. Because there is no lumpsum paymeny when terminating service, a member has the option to take up individual death, disability and funeral insurance (within 2 months from date of termination of service) that is equal to the cover provided prior to termination of service without any proof of health. Contact the Scheme’s Administrator for more details.

A full set of the Scheme rules with amendments is available for viewing at the Scheme offices or can be downloaded. The most recent rules reflecting the recent changes to the benefit structure of the Scheme effectively as from 1 August 2021 is not yet available. Download rules