How does the Scheme work?

The Scheme in principle works the same as your car insurance. You pay a premium to an insurer to cover the damages if you have been involved in an accident. The Scheme does not cover your car but it covers your life in case you pass away or you become permanently disabled and can no longer do your own work or any other work.

The Scheme is not a retirement fund that provides you with benefits at retirement or termination of service. It does however provide you as a member and employee of the City of Tshwane with death, funeral and disability benefits in terms of a life policy.

Unlike a retirement fund, you also do not have your own individual account where you accumulate savings. The premiums that you pay are used to provide you with the death, funeral and disability cover provided. There are no savings, and benefits will only be paid upon your death or if you become permanently disabled!


Who is covered by the Scheme?
Who are members of the Scheme?
How can you check your membership?
There is no deduction on my payslip! Why not? And does this mean I am not a member?
Can I terminate my membership while I am still employed by the City of Tshwane?

Termination of service with the City of Tshwane

Will I receive any lump sum payment from the Scheme when I terminate my service?
When does my membership with the Scheme stop?
Does my cover and everything just stop when I terminate my service?
What is meant with "Continuation Option"?
When can I apply for a quote on the continuation option?


How is my premium calculated?
Will my premium always remain the same?

Death & Funeral Benefits

How is a death and funeral benefit paid out upon death?
How can you avoid that benefits get paid into your your estate?
What other benefits can my beneficiaries expect when I pass away?

Family Funeral Cover

What is the purpose of this cover?
Is it compulsory to Members of the Scheme?
Can I apply for this cover at any time?
Who will be covered under this option?
May extended family be included under this cover?
What is the current monthly premium payable?
How and where do you apply?

Disability Benefits

Who qualifies for this disability benefit?
How is a benefit paid upon disability?
When do I apply?
Where do I apply?


Where must we submit a claim?
When must a claim be submitted?

Importance of Completing and submitting a Nomination Form

Why is it so important for me to complete a death nomination form?
Will my death benefit be paid out exactly as per the “Death Benefit Nomination Form” that I complete?
How often must I update my death nomination form?
Who are your beneficiaries?


If I die, why do I need money?
Does the benefit from the Scheme form part of the assets in a deceased member’s estate?
What is an Estate?
What is the purpose of an Estate?
What is a Will?
Why should I have a will?
Is it necessary to revise my will?
Who can draw up a will?