At the death of a member, the Scheme will pay the following tax-free benefits to beneficiaries:


Death and funeral benefits are paid out strictly in terms of the “Member Death and Funeral Benefit Nomination Form”.


No nomination form in possession of the Scheme at the time of death means that all your death and funeral benefits will be paid directly into your Estate and not to your beneficiaries! 

It is therefore of the utmost importance for all Members of the Scheme to complete  and submit a “Member Death and Funeral Benefit Nomination Form” to the Scheme!


Death is a crisis time in any family. The death of a loved one is probably the worst loss to ever experience. It is however an event that you can prepare for.

You can help to ensure speedy, timeous and correct payment of benefits to your beneficiaries in  this difficult time by making sure that you have put the following in place while you are still around:

  1. Make sure you completed a “Member Death and Funeral Benefit Nomination Form” and that it is in possession of the Scheme.
  2. Update your “Member Death and Funeral Benefit Nomination Form” in the event of any big life-changing event, like marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child or death of a nominated beneficiary.
  3. Tell your loved ones about the Scheme and the benefits it provide.
  4. Ensure that you have enough life and funeral cover in place.
  5. Discuss your financial plan with your financial adviser.
  6. Update your last will and testament.


All claims must immediately but no later than 12 months from the date of death be reported to the Scheme.

Contact details and directions

The City of Tshwane must also be notified, and family members and beneficiaries must visit One Stop Services at 252 Middestad Building, Corner of Francis Baard and Thabo Sehume Streets, 5th Floor, Pretoria Central.

Contact persons at the City of Tshwane’s One Stop Services

  • Bareng Noge (012 358 4422)
  • Natalie Jacobus (012 358 4412)
  • Gladness Bosii (012 358 4364)
  • Abram Nokgipa (012 358 4354)

What documents to bring

The Scheme needs the following documents in order to successfully process a death claim:

  • Certified copy of the original death certificate
  • Copy of the BI1663 form (Notification of Death / Stillbirth)
  • Police Report in cases where the cause of death is “Unnatural or to be investigated”.
  • Certified copy of the original identity document of the deceased (if card type copies of both sides of the id-card)
  • Copy of the last pay slip of the deceased
  • Certified copy of the original marriage certificate
  • Certified copies of the original identity documents of all nominated beneficiaries
  • Bank statements of all nominated beneficiaries
  • Certified copies of birth certificates of all minor nominated beneficiaries (if applicable)
  • Social worker’s report where the guardian of a child is not the natural parent